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Remember that when in the closed position, the cover's end-straps must be pulled and latched down tightly for the heat seal and the domed effect to function as designed.


Always use the reinforced end-straps to manipulate the cover; doing so by any other means may cause damage. 

By design, the E2E Cover requires next-to-no cleaning, but in order to keep it looking and performing its best, regular maintenance is encouraged. 


We recommend a quick spray-down with a garden hose every so often to remove accumulated dirt, pollen, or debris from the cover. Further, after experiencing snow, hail, or particularly-heavy rain-storms, it is good practice to clear any accumulation from the cover using a soft deck brush. 


Should the cover ever require a more thorough cleaning, we suggest using that same deck brush-together with a mild dish soap-to scrub the cover clean.

Lastly, it is important to rotate your cover frequently through 180 degrees to allow the structured hoops to regain their shape.


It is also important to stretch the cover frequently to keep the hoops upright

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Safety First 


Be sure to leave the cover in the closed position ensuring the cover is  latched down on all sides-when your swim spa is not in use. 




If the warning label on your E2E Cover is worn, torn, or otherwise illegible, contact us immediately for a replacement.

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